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Smoke M18 black 1 pcs


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1 CTN = 12 pcs

NEC = 100 G

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Hmotnosť výbušniny v kg0,100
Objem výbušniny v m30,00092

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Smoke M18 black

Colored smokes are mainly associated with riots at football matches or demonstrations. In addition however, they are an ideal variety of various artistic performances, paintball games, airsoft matches or military games. The smokes can be also used as a signal in dangerous situations with limited communication options. However there are no limits in creativity, find a new unique way how to use colored smokes.

Package contains:

1 piece of black smoke which smokes for 35 second.

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Safety of fireworks                                     

When using fireworks, always keep in mind your safety and the safety of your property. Follow the instructions for use and handle the pyrotechnics carefully. Store fireworks with an emphasis on the fact that they are flammable material. Do not use pyrotechnics after the expiration date.

Product size: 

Height:15,5 cm

Category: T1

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