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Killer 60r 16mm 16 pcs/CTN


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1 CTN = 16 pcs

NEC = 216 g

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Hmotnosť výbušniny v kg 3,456

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Fireworks are most popular especially during the Christmas holidays and New Year´ s Eve celebrations. However, you can also enjoy them on other occasions, such as birthday parties, weddings or corporate parties. Fun pyrotechnics can diversify any party.

The effect of Killer

Compact fireworks are accompanied by various multicolored effects.This fireworks fire into the air 60 shots of caliber 16mm and the show lasts 45 sec.

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Safety of fireworks

When using fireworks, always keep in mind your safety and the safety of your property. Follow the instructions for use and handle the pyrotechnics carefully. Store fireworks with an emphasis on the fact that they are flammable material. Do not use pyrotechnics after the expiration date.

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