About us

Our company has more than ten years experience in the field of selling pyrotechnics. 

We have hundreds of satisfied customers with the highest expactations to the quality of pyrotechnics and we decided to develope our own certified brand SR PYRO in cooperation with our Chinese partner Chili Fireworks.

In the production of SR PYRO pyrotechnics, we pay special attention to the quality and effects of pyrotechnics. We also use the latest technologies, which bring the unusual thing in this part – combination of a spectacular effect of pyrotechnics with using a lower volume of pyrotechnic composition. 

This is how we are able to create pyrotechnics directly according to the customer’s idea – we design the color of the effects, their alternation, composition and duration of all of the effects.

We also became the exclusive reseller of Black Scorpion pyrotechnics for Central Europe in 2019 and we expand to the other European countries.

Our additional activity is to provide the transport of pyrotechnics using our ADR vehicles to the customers.