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25sh A 30mm 6pcs/ctn


   New product

1 CTN = 6 pcs

NEC = 2250 g

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Hmotnosť výbušniny v kg2,25
Objem výbušniny v m30,046

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Fireworks 25sh A

Fireworks effect 25sh A

The compact firework display 25sh A is accompanied by various multi-coloured effects. This firework fires 25 shots of 30mm calibre into the air with a duration of 40 seconds.

Watch the video of the 25sh A firework:

Fireworks Safety:

Always keep your safety and the safety of your property in mind when using fireworks. Follow the instructions written in the instruction manual and handle pyrotechnics with care. Store fireworks with care and attention to the fact that they are flammable materials. Do not use pyrotechnics after the expiry date.

Category: F2

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